Overcoming challenges of variable #biological production processes through Process Analytical Technologies (#PAT) – #downloads

Know more about the challenges of variable biological production processes through Proceess Analytical Technology (PAT), and how to overcome them, from Li – Hong Malmberg, Director, Technical Operations & Biologic Manufacturing, Abbott, USA.

Li Joined Abbott in 1994, shortly after receiving her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. Since then, she held severnal postions with increasing responsibilities within Abbott. Her expertise includes process development for microbial fermentation, biologics manufacturing, and solid dosage formulation/product development. She is currently the head of the Technical Operations, and supporting development and manufacturing of late stage to commercial biologics API at the Worcester site.

At the BioPharma Asia Convention 2011, Li presented on the following issues:

1. Case Study: Successful utilization of PAT applications in biologics manufacturing at Abbott Bioresearch Center (ABC)
2. Evaluating the benefits of using various models of biosensors to monitor cell growth and metabolism
3. Comparing process efficiencies between biosensors and offline measurements in production reactors

To learn more about the content presented by Li – Hong Malmberg, Director, Technical Operations & Biologic Manufacturing, Abbott, USA, during the convention, click here now to download the presentation slides!

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