“Low Costs and Fast Approvals”. The appealing package, inviting countries to the East.

Drug discovery (#Drugdiscovery) practices in the western countries are getting harder over time due to the increasing costs, growing complexity, and longer timelines. These are some of the most daunting clinical research challenges a drug discovery company faces today. In such hard times, drug discovery (#DrugDiscovery) companies are turning towards India and China for mutually beneficial reasons.

Over the years, India and China have been well known for lenient regulations hence achieving a faster approval to final drugs (#drug). Drug discovery companies are outsourcing their specific requirements from India and China primarily because of low costs, but they get other benefits as well. These benefits include; better access to expertise, higher productivity, process improvements, avoidance of capital outlays and helps the companies to concentrate on specific niches.

Both the countries are gaining reputation in drug discovery outsourcing market. With the increasing global costs and strict regulations, India and China has become a centre of attraction due to low costs and local government supporting such activities internally. Government provides support through precise requirements avoiding confusions, mandatory good manufacturing practice (#GMP) compliance and improved legislation for clinical trials.

However, there is always a hidden side to all good, which is inadequate patent protection when it comes to outsourcing services from India and China. Many US based drug discovery companies lose a huge amount of money every year due to privacy. This fact surely acts as a drawback when it comes for them to outsourcing services from India and China.

Drug discovery is a very sensitive field where maintaining a sustainable balance sheet during various production phases such as pre-clinical discovery, screening and process development is vital. Majority of revenues are derived from successful licensing and regulatory process which is hard if the former is not maintained.

Sreehari Babu, Head, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Profiling, Novartis, China, will be presenting at Drug Discovery World Asia 2012 this March about "Utilising high throughput technologies in early development to accelerate time to clinic".

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