Unapproved stem cell treatments and clinical trials banned in China

1090780_spell_checkThe Chinese Ministry of Health has stopped accepting new stem cell programs as part of the governments one year initiative to improve regulating stem cell therapy use in hospitals.

Hospitals and clinics in China have been providing cell therapies to treat various diseases, including Alzheimer's, but patients have come away with little or no health improvementm and even fatalities.

As the stem cell industry seeks to prove the innovative, safety and efficacy potential of stem cell based therapies, strict global regulation is essential to maintain the public image of stem cell research.

The World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress 2012 will dedicate a full morning session to the regulatory challenges facing cell therapy approval. Confirmed to speak include the #EMA Committee for Advanced Therapies and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (#MHRA). Although European in focus, the outlook of regulatory officials is very important to know in order for pioneering cell therapies to gain approval and impact patients and healthcare. Registration  is now open for the congress, which is once again taking place in London on the 21st-23rd May 2012.