GeneTherapy: 2nd generation therapies from AMT, INSERM and ArkTherapeutics

#AlainFischer, #GeneTherapy, #AMT, #AmsterdamMolecularTherapeutics, #ArkTherapeutics, #INSERMAMT, INSERM and Ark Therapeutics shared goal of achieving an approved gene therapy has led them all to explore what are becoming known as the 2nd generation therapies, and they will be discussing these ideas at the World Gene Therapy Congress in London later this year.

Prof Alain Fischer from INSERM will be delivering his recent results in his work to develop a therapy for severe combined immunodeficiencies for full details click here

Dr Harold Petry who heads up R&D at AMT asks the question: "Does gene therapy need an additional technology boost to deliver safe and efficient therapeutic effects long term?"  Do you want to find out how he plans on answering this question? click here

The potential of developing disease specific therapies will be tackled by Prof. John Martin from Ark Therapeutics – Do you want to join this debate? click here


To become part of this exciting event then register today!  I look forward to welcoming you to London in May!