Download: Optimizing the value of 3D cell-culture techniques in predicting drug toxicity

Learn how to optimize the value of 3D cell culture techniques, in the predicting of drug toxicity from Tim Hart, Chief Executive Officer, Zyoxel, UK.

Tim studied for a BSc in microbiology at the University of Nottingham, UK and gained a PhD in environmental microbiology at the University of Surrey in 1997. He then pursued an academic career as a Research Fellow at the Universities of Porsmouth and Surrey. Tim is an Associate Consultant at Isis Innovation Ltd, is Non-executive Director of another technology business, runs his own European-Asian consultancy company, and has advised a wide range of start-up businesses.

Here are some of the issues presented by Tim Hart at the BioPharma Asia Convention 2011:
1. Evaluating key factors that influence the availability of drugs as receptors in the brain
2. Understanding and avoiding the pitfalls of total brain concentration estimates
3. Anticipating CNS side effects and how to overcome these liabilities in the early stages of drug discovery

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