Driving productivity with an automated nanoliter scale #immunoassay platform – #download

Discover how to increase prodcutivity with an automated nanoliter scale immunoassay platform from Karolina Österlund, Manager Field Application Specialists, EU and Asia, Gyros AB, Sweden.

Ms. Österlund brings her expertise in ligand binding assays to support development of biotherapeutics as well as implementation of Gyros technology to the Asia-Pacific region. She has been providing technical support for the Gyrolab immunoassay platform in clinical and bioprocess development for eight years and was instrumental in establishing the technology in North America and Europe. Her experience covers applications for pharmacokinetics, immunogenicity testing, biomarker monitoring, impurity testing and product qualification for therapeutic protein development, in both regulated and non-regulated environments. Karolina currently manages the Gyros European field application scientists as well as provides technical support to the efforts of Gyros Asia Pacific distributors.

Here are some of the topics that Ms Österlund presented at the Biopharma Asia Convention 2011:

1. Overview of the Gyrolabâ„¢ immunoassay platform performed on a compact disc
2. Preclinical Case study: Generating an entire PK profile from a single mouse
3. Bioprocess Case Study: Improved dilutional linearity using an automated process-related impurity testing-method
4. Automated impurity testing for HCP and Protein A using Cygnus Technologies’ Kits

To find out more about the above topics, click here to download the slides now!

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