Drug Discovery; “Where it all begins.”

Drug Discovery (#DrugDiscovery) and Development (#ClinicalTrials) follows a cycle which roughly stays the same globally. In just a few moments you will know more about "How does it all start?"

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. And the need for survival comes above all, which enables the Pharmaceutical industry to be one of the biggest industries in the world. Whenever a new disease hits mankind a race to find its cure starts among all. Drug discovery requires target identification – choosing a biochemical mechanism involved in a disease condition.

Drug (#drug) discovery is the first step to a long process of drug development and manufacturing which in the end leads to the medicines that we use. Different candidates chosen to be fit to eliminate the disease effects are tested for their interaction with the drug target. Up to 5,000 to 10,000 molecules for each potential candidate undergo a rigorous screening process.

Though drug discovery is a part of the entire drug development process, it has multiple steps which lead to the completion of this step. After the completion of the final screening processes, one or more lead compounds are chosen for preclinical and clinical testing.

Alex Matter, CEO, Experimental Therapeutics Centre, A*Star, Singapore, will be presenting at Drug Discovery World Asia 2012 this March about "Insights into next generation drug discovery in Singapore".

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