Reimbursement guidance for the use of stem cell therapies in healthcare

pricing and reimbursement, cell therapies, market access#Stemcell based therapies have the potential to innovate the face of healthcare and transform the health of patients currently experience an unmet medical need.

It is a matter of time before years of basic and clinical research delivers a safe and efficous therapy – the fear is who will pay the price of this cutting edge healthcare?

With well documented tightening of budgets and healthcare reform worldwide, falling at the last hurdle when liaising with payers over reimbursement levels should not be an option. The therapeutic potential of cell therapies currently in late stage clinical trials demand that they reach the patients in need.

Consequently, it is essential to open a dialogue with payers, as well as regulatory authorities, during clinical development and have the foresight for where your cell therapy is going to fit within healthcare.

At the World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress 2012, these exact discussions and debates are set to be opened between all stakeholders of the stem cell industry. Hear from NICE and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services about their concepts of value and recommendations for stem cells from a pricing persective.

Registration is now open and currently you can book for as low as £625 depending on sector profile.