Utilizing passive thermal packaging technology to actively reduce risk, by Dr Joachim Kuhn, #Va-Q-Tec

Come down to the 5th Annual BioPharma Asia Convention 2012 during March 19th-22nd! Dr Joachim Kuhn, CEO & Founder, Va-Q-Tec, Germany will be presenting at the conference: Pharma & Biotech Supply Chain Asia 2012

Dr Kuhn has worked in thermal physics since 1989, graduating in 1990 from the University of Würzburg in the physics of conventional insulation materials”. His work includes over 20 international and national publications resulting from his PHD in thermal radiative transport in heat insulation”. As a material scientist he has initiated and influenced several innovations for conventional insulation materials such as infrared opacified polystyrene foams that have now become common practise in global industry. Due to his extensive knowledge and experience with many advanced insulation materials, Dr Kuhn based va-Q-tec on vacuum insulation panels (VIP). With his business team he developed VIPs towards an excellent price performance ratio, making va-Q-tec a leading technology company. During his work at va-Q-tec AG he has approached the large field of the appliance industry which will probably be revolutionized by VIP introduction in the years to come. A similar development can be expected for the construction industry and in the area of temperature controlled packaging. Here Dr Kuhn already introduced novel, entirely passive shipment solutions to the international market which guarantee 5 days constant temperature and beyond.

Dr Kuhn is an acknowledged speaker at many events worldwide and a member of various national and international committees. His spare time is spent with his family and pursuing his interest in table tennis where he holds some major responsibilities in the German and International Table Tennis Federations (ITTF).

At the conference, Dr Kuhn will be speaking on the following:

Utilizing passive thermal packaging technology to actively reduce risk
1. Evaluating current thermal transport packaging designs and passive packaging solutions in a worldwide rental network
2. Selecting the right thermal packaging / transport solutions to retain the integrity and quality of your biologic drugs
3. Leveraging on energy and cost effective packaging technologies to achieve optimal thermal insulation

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