Enhancing yield and quality of biotherapeutics via host cell engineering, by Dr Christian Leist, #Novartis

Discover how to improve yield and quality of biotherapeutics from Dr Christian H. Leist, Head, Bioprocess Development Group, Novartis International, Switzerland. He will be speaking at Biologic Manufacturing World Asia 2012, part of a series of conferences in the 5th Annual BioPharma Asia Convention 2012, held on 19-22 March at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Dr. Christian Leist is the head of the Bioprocess Development Group in the Department of Biotechnology Development at Novartis Pharma Ltd in Basel and is also responsible for the development and implementation of related new key technologies. After attaining his masters degree in biology at the University of Zurich, Christian went on to complete his Ph.D. thesis at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (ETH), graduating with distinction in Bioprocess Engineering. After working as an assistant professor in Cell Culture Technology at the ETH, Christian moved to Novartis in 1989, where he has held several positions as lab and group head in the field of Biotechnology Development. His activities in development and implementation of PAT-technology in Bioprocess Development were distinguished in 2000 when he received the Novartis Leading Scientist Award. In 2008, Christian Leist and his team received the ‘Swiss Technology Award 2007’ for the development of an automated online monitoring system for the cellular energy charge of animal cells in culture, the ‘ATP-Master’.

Dr Leist will be presenting on the following topics:
1. Strategies for selection of high yielding clones expressing recombinant protein
2. Case studies of recently implemented technological improvements on a bioprocess platform
3. Product quality analysis and development throughout cell line development process

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