Featured speaker: Mr Michael Lee, Shanghai Biomabs Pharmaceuticals Co, Ltd

Our featued speaker in this post is Mr Michael Lee, Vice President, Shanghai Biomabs Pharmaceuticals Co, Ltd, China. Firstly, a brief introduction about him and his organization:

Shanghai Biomabs Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., located at Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park in Shanghai, is in the business of research, development and marketing of antibody drugs. Mr Lee is also contributing to the BioPharma & Pharma Industry by acting as the Board Member of ISPE (the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) China and as the member of its Technical Committee & Training Committee? Before joining the current company, Mr Lee was the Director of Manufacturing Projects of Merial China. His other past employment includes Technical Director of ScinoPharm; Taiwan Plant Director of GSK; Taiwan Plant Director of Roche Group; VP Technical of Shanghai Roche; Technical Advisor to Roche Korea for quality system enhancement; Taiwan Plant Manager of Boehringer Ingelheim. Michael has also extensive experience in establishing the new GMP pharmaceutical & BioPharmaceutical plants, Plant operation & GMP compliance, ERP operation systems (SAP, BPCS) configuration. He was also involved in cold chain management.

Mr Lee will be speaking at 2 conferences: Pharma Manufacturing World Asia 2012 as well as Pharma & Biotech Supply Chain World Asia 2012, both of which are part of the 5th Annual BioPharma Asia Convention 2012.

Here are the topics that Mr Lee will be presenting on:

Leveraging on manufacturing compliance and quality to capture profit growths
1. Generate and sustain change in cGMP and quality performance
2. Implementing and using tools and processes to drive manufacturing excellence
3. Examples of initiatives at a number of manufacturing sites

Balancing flexibility in cold chain movements with retention of the integrity and quality of pharmaceuticals
1.Assigning leadership to key stakeholders to manage risks involved in cold chain movements
2. Cost optimizing strategies in cold chain distribution performance
3. Comparing post-harvest and post-production quality to guarantee product quality

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