#Cordblood used to treat #hearingloss – An #FDA approved #safetystudy

human_ear_cartoon_character_holding_a_megaphone A recent multimedia newswire on CNN's iReport discussed a new FDA approved safety study on the use of cordblood to treat sensorineural hearing loss.


The year-long study conducted by Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in partnership with Cord Blood Registry® (CBR), is one of its kind in showing the potential cord blood has in treating hearing loss.



Dr. James Baumgartner, a speaker at the 2012 World Cord Blood Congress taking place in Boston this upcoming September, was quoted in the report. "Children only have 18 months to acquire language skills and, if a child does not hear well, they will not acquire the language skills to speak normally,"


This study is so important because currently, the only treatment options for sensorineural hearing loss are hearing aids or cochlear implants. It also paves the way to understanding more about the potential applications of cordblood.


To see the video and read the original aritcle click here.

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