Harmonizing regional strategies of clinical trial operations in East Asia to enhance operational efficiency, by Dr Cristina Chang, #Abbott

Speaking on the above topic is Dr Cristina Chang, Medical Director, Taiwan & Korea, Abbot, Taiwan. She will be at Pharma Trials World Asia 2012, part of a series of conferences at the 5th Annual BioPharma Asia Convention 2012.

Dr Chang is currently the Medical Director at Abbott Laboratories responsible for the territories of Taiwan and South Korea where she leads the Affiliate Medical Department Team and the Medical Department. In her current role, Dr. Chang sets the vision and direction for the development of the organisation through strategic planning in accordance with global R&D policies and Regional and Affiliate strategies. As Medical Director, she ensures the delivery of reliable cost-effective high quality data to Clinical Development while adding commercial value to the organisation. Her current role requires her to be adept in pharmaco-vigilance, quality assurance, clinical trials and marketing practices operational excellence and compliance.

To date, Dr Chang has obtained regulatory approval ahead of scheduled timeline for 6 products and expanding the team to support medical affairs and clinical research by building a strong network with headquarter and regional colleagues. She has also conducted clinical research planning and publication writing workshop as an educational CME with an excellent rate of satisfaction while leading pediatric and diabetes management guideline in Taiwan and in the region. Dr Chang has a MD in specialty gastroenterology, hepatology and general surgery and a PhD in International Relations and Political Sciences.

Topics that she will be speaking on are as follows:
1. Capitalising on the best practices of regulatory systems in Taiwan and Korea to enhance your regional strategy
2. Aligning company strategies and market insights from clients for efficient planning of regional trial operations
3. Case study: Proposing a regional clinical development strategy for East Asia

Dr Chang will also be participating in a panel on the following subject:

Panel: Exploiting the favourable clinical trial environment in East Asia
1. Leveraging on the established infrastructure available in East Asia for complex clinical trials
2. Determining profitable theraupeutic areas for the aging population for trial diversification
3. Appraising sustainable business models to remain competitive against emerging markets

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