Leica Demonstrate how to Amplify the Power of Confocal-Imaging

#BorisZarda, #Leica, #leicaMicrosystems, #confocal, #screeningIf you want to improve the quality and flexibility of your screening systems then you need to hear what Leica Microsystems have to say!

Hear how their expertise could improve your production efficiency from Dr. Boris Zarda, Field Support Manager Europe, Life Science Division at Leica at the Cell Culture World Congress taking place in Munich on the 28, 29 February and 1st March;

Automatic High Content Screening for Life Sciences

  • Evaluating the flexibility which results from combining high-performance acquisition systems tailored to your needs, with the new ingenious LAS AF MATRIX M3 software platform
  • Why optimise all configurations for automated imaging in multi dimensions at high speed and offer unique interfaces?
  • How customized imaging systems that enable you to tailor a solution perfectly fitting your needs


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