TNT Express – Finalist for Franz Edelman Award

TNT Express (#TNT) has been chosen as a finalist for the 2012 Franz Edelman Award for its successful application of operations research in network optimization. TNT Express has been using operations research methods to analyze and improve its transportation network to develop an efficient route with lower distance. It's a more economical way, improves customer service and develops manager's skills.

Institute for operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORM®) selected TNT Express as one of the finalists alongside five other firms. Edelman competition has been recognizing outstanding examples of innovative operations research in the profit and non-profit sector since the year 1983.

The work being presented, known internally as "GO" (global optimization), is a joint program of TNT Express, ORTEC and Tilburg University. The three partners, who have worked for six years on tens of network optimization projects for TNT Express, are delighted to be competing for the prestigious award.

TNT Express began using operations research via mathematical techniques such as modelling and statistical analysis to optimize its domestic line haul network in Italy in 2005. Operational research now constantly helps TNT make decisions on all aspects of its operations, including site location planning, optimal truck routing, fleet management and staff scheduling. TNT Express carried out 200 network optimization projects in 2011. Over the past years, TNT Express saved 60 million kilometers of mileage and 54 million kg of CO2 emissions by optimizing its domestic networks in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and China alone.

TNT Express is also selected as a finalist for BioPharma Industry Awards 2012 in the category of Best LSP.

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