Which #drugsafety experts are speaking at WDSC Europe?

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    Speakers confirmed to date for WDSC include experts in drug safety, pharmacovigilance, risk management, signal management, epidemiology, medical information and benefit risk. Production on the World Drug Safety Congress Europe 2012 is going really well with an exceptional speaker panel lined up already. Review the list of experts confirmed to speak at the meeting below who will provide insight into best practice and innovation in drug safety strategies.


    • Dr Omer De Mol, VP, PhV and Medical Information, Genzyme
    • Dr Sue Rees, Head of PhV and Safety Risk Management, Eisai
    • Dr Astrid Herpers, Head of EU-QPPV office, EU-QPPV, Boehringer-Ingelheim
    • Mick Foy, Group Manager of the Pharmacovigilance Signal Management Group, MHRA
    • Dr Felix Arellano, VP, BSCP Global Vaccine Development, GSK
    • Dr Ralph Nies, Vice President, EU-QPPV, Astellas
    • Dr Helena Van den Dungen, Global Head Drug Safety & Epidemiology Quality Assurance, Novartis
    • Dr Ute Hoeffner, EU QPPV, Novartis
    • Dr Vicki Edwards, Senior Director, European Pharmacovigilance, Abbott
    • Dr Phillip Eichorn, Senior Director, Worldwide Safety and Regulatory, Pfizer
    • Dr Peter De Veene, Deputy EU-QPPV, Roche
    • Dr Ennis Lee, Vice President, QPPV, Johnson & Johnson
    • Dr Michael Forstner, Integrated Safety Risk Manager, Leader RMP-WG, Roche
    • Dr Jean-Maire Heim, Director of Safety Assessment, Bristol Myers Squibb
    • Dr Noha Kassem, Senior Director, Quality in Global Patient Safety, Eli Lilly
    • Dr Doris Stenver, Chief Medical Officer, Consumer Safety Division, Danish Medicines Agency
    • Dr Carmen Bozic, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Safety and Benefit-Risk Management, Biogen Idec


    Review WDSC USA 2012 taking place in Aprils here: http://www.healthnetworkcommunications.com/2012/world-drug-safety-congress/index.stm

    Review last years European event here: http://www.healthnetworkcommunications.com/2011/world-drug-safety-congress-europe/


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