China & India Promising better future to Pharma Companies

Big Pharmaceutical Companies (#Pharma) are being forced to outsource their R&D operations due to multiple factors including numerous patent expirations, decreasing R&D productivity and increasing drug development (#ClinicalTrial) cost. When it comes to outsourcing R&D, Asia has been proving its worth.

Asia has become a hub for services like trial monitoring, project management, data management, safety reporting, drug distribution and central laboratory services. Numerous Multinational Pharma companies, including Glaxo Smith Kline, Pfizer and Novartis have already moved their R&D operations to Asia.

China and India, two most populated countries support this increasing development with a huge patient pool and diverse disease profiles. According to estimates, 100,000 undergraduate / graduate students are enrolled for Chemistry, 120,000 for Medical Sciences and 60,000 for Biological Sciences in China. Being the fourth largest reservoir of scientific manpower in the world and with 150,000 chemistry graduates per year, India is filling a gaping hole being left in the EU and US, where graduates are abandoning science field for more lucrative careers in business.

Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan are also attracting a number of international pharma companies to outsource their R&D activities. These countries provide a regulatory environment conducive to clinical trials and are gradually moving towards e-submissions too. The Clinical Research Center (CRC) in Kuala Lumpur is the clinical research arm of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia (MoH).

Taiwan government is planning to invest  $4.48 billion on bio-medical research. It is also creating industrial parks including Hsinchu Bio-medical Park. It is witnessing a growing CRO industry with the presence of leading local players like Genovate Biotec, Protech Pharmaservice, Virginia CRO and Apex International Clinical Research Co. Ltd and Foreign CROs like Quintiles, ICON, Omnicare CR etc.

Cristina Chang, Medical Director, Taiwan & Korea, Abbott, Taiwan will be presenting at Pharma Trials World Asia 2012 this March on "Exploiting the Favorable environment in East Asia."

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