#GeneTherapy – perfecting the #ViralVector

#gene therapy, #ViralVectors, #Genzyme, #SamWadsworth, #Antoniou, #Airenne, #AAV, #lentivectorsEach Gene Therapy has been searching for the perfect viral vector which will deliver a gene to the desired site without a negative interaction with the body. 

Would understanding the recent developments in AAV, lentivectors and the exploration of novel vector constructs help you to develop your R&D?


Would you like to hear from Dr Sam Wadsworth, Head of Gene Therapy R&D at Genzyme as he reviews the significant advancements made to AAV design and application?

Would learning from Dr Michael Antoniou from King’s College London an understanding of how to achieve achieving reproducible and stable therapeutic gene expression when using lentivectors be priceless to you?

Would Prof. Kari Airenne's (University of Eastern Finland) insight into novel viral vector application be of high interest to you?


Then join them at the World Gene Therapy Congress, taking place on the 22-23 May 2012 in London, where the future of Gene Therapies will be discussed: scientific insight, clinical breakthroughs, regulatory concerns and achieving commercialisation are all topics up for discussion – Want to be part of it?  click here