Optimizing your clinical trial design and operations to develop innovative biomedicine in South Korea

Our speaker for the above topic is Dr Seong-Choon Choe, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Hanall Biopharma, Republic Of Korea. He will be speaking at Pharma Trials World Asia 2012, part of a series of conferences at the 5th Annual BioPharma Asia Convention 2012.

Dr Choe is a highly accomplished medical director with over 9 years of experience at MSD Korea, sanofi-aventis Korea, Wyeth Korea and Pfizer Korea. He is an expert in leading and contributing in cross functional and global projects. In addition, he actively engages the industry association and academic societies to promote the value of R&D in the Korean clinical trial scene. Some of Dr Choe's experience involves the establishment of a Clinical Research Unit at sanofi-aventis Korea and the development of Asia Pacific and Japan collaborative R & D strategies at Wyeth. Dr Choe also improved cross functional collaboration between global medical Affairs and CR&D (Clinical Research & Development) at Wyeth and was a representative to the global asset team as part of the regional vaccine medical team at Pfizer.

Dr Choe will be addressing the following issues:

Optimizing your clinical trial design and operations to develop innovative biomedicine in South Korea
1. Overcoming the challenges of site selection and patient recruitment for rare diseases in South Korea
2. Designing trials with innovative strategies to enhance biomedicine development
3. Case study: Clinical trials for a special population – rare diseases and the terminally ill in South Korea

Dr Choe will also be participating in the following panel discussion:

Panel: Exploiting the favourable clinical trial environment in East Asia
1. Leveraging on the established infrastructure available in East Asia for complex clinical trials
2. Determining profitable theraupeutic areas for the aging population for trial diversification
3. Appraising sustainable business models to remain competitive against emerging markets

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