Enhancing process efficiency through process integration, by Dr Pankaj Tahiliani

Speaking on the above topic is Dr Pankaj Tahiliani, Technical Leader, Life Sciences, Asia, Pall Life Sciences, India. He will be presenting at Biologic Manufacturing World Asia 2012, part of a series of conferences in the 5th Annual BioPharma Asia Convention 2012, held on 19-22 March at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Dr. Tahiliani has more than 15 years of academic and Industrial experience in Life Science research and biotech process development. Currently, he is responsible for technology positioning to help facilitate process development with improved process economics in Pall Life Sciences. Prior to joining Pall Life Sciences, he managed downstream processing at Intas Biotech, Ahmedabad. To date he has 7 international publications and has attended and presented at more than 20 conferences and seminars. His area of interest includes protein purification, process development, protein characterization & process validation. Dr. Tahiliani has a PhD (Life Sciences) from DAVV, Indore and a Post Doctorate Fellowship (Biochemistry) from IISc, Bangalore.

Dr Tahiliani will be presenting on the following topics:

Enhancing process efficiency through process integration
1. Utilizing high throughput screening tools to reduce time to market
2. Integrating unit operations to reduce down time and maximize throughput
3. Optimizing costs and maximising productivity through new purification strategies

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