Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd @ BioPharma Asia Convention 2012

Lambda Therapeutic Research Limited (#Clinicaltrial) is a leading Clinical Research Organization (CRO) providing end-to-end Clinical Research services globally, since 1999. With its research facilities in India, Canada, Poland, UK and USA, Lambda provides Phase1-4 clinical research services including Clinical Trial Management, Medical Writing, Clinical Data Management (CDM), Biostatistics, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Imaging and Central Lab services.

Lambda has carried-out studies across various therapeutic areas including Oncology and CNS segments. Lambda has been successfully audited by various Regulatory agencies including the USFDA. It works on the values of CRIPT;


Understanding the role of every team and importance of every function. This leads to unity and excellence.


Respecting each individual attached with them irrespective of their hierarchy as they all contribute their level best.


Lambda understands their responsibility towards our stakeholders including subjects, clients, employees, society, etc.

Personnel Development-

By continuously upgrading their knowledge and rewarding them time to time for their dedicated efforts, Lambda helps people develop career.


Considering the sensitivity of Clinical Research, Lambda expects and maintains complete transparency with their operations.

Dr. Manish Sharma, Vice President, Lambda Therapeutic Research, India, will be sharing his views at Pharma Trials World Asia 2012 this March about "Optimising Clinical Trials in Asian Powerhouses"

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