Impact of Market Volatility on the Cell Therapy Industry

whitepaper, chris mason, stem cells, regenerative medicine, market volatility, fundingGlobal annual revenues for the cell therapy industry have been growing, although having exceeded $1 billion, further growth is being constrained by numerous bottlenecks. None more so than lack of funding, which is compounded by stock market volatility and a view that the industry is a high risk investment.

It may be the case that this high volatility will remain, however it has been suggested that the cell therapy industry is coming out of an era of  hype towards an period of stable growth and the emergence of therapies that will transform the healthcare market.

To learn more about the Impact of Market Volatility on the Cell Therapy Industry, the full publication has kindly been made available to download by one of its co-authors Prof. Chris Mason of the London Regenerative Medicine Network.

Download the publication for free here.

Prof Mason and Greg Bonfiglio (additional co-author) will both be present at the World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress taking place in London on the 21st-23rd May 2012.

A whole host of issues and challenges faced by the global cell therapy industry will be tackled across the 3 days, including gaining investment, commercialisation best practice, overcoming regulatory hurdles and effectively translating research through global translation centres.

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