A partnership between #RichardBranson and his private #cordblood bank and #CambridgeUniversityHospitals



The Virgin Health Bank, a private cord blood banking facility based in the UK and Qatar, recently announced a new partnership with Cambridge University Hospitals in which Virgin will be able to market their banking services to patients at the Cambridge maternity hospital.





A recent report on the "Phg Foundation: Making Science Work For Health" website remarked on the new partnership stating: "Women may purchase these services privately (exclusive personal storage of the cord blood) for £1695, or for £1195 donate the majority to the Virgin Health Bank’s public resource."


Virgin will purchase fee-based laboratory services from Cambridge University hospital and will provide special access to stem cells from the public cord blood resource for the hospital's own research.


Virgin Health Bank's chief executive officer, Dr. Rajan Jethwa, will be discussing this new partnership as well as Virgin's innovative banking model at the 2012 World Cord Blood Congress event, taking place in Boston this upcoming September.


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