Prodia Clinical Laboratory – founder of Prodia the CRO and Prodia Central Laboratory – was established in 1973 – with the mission to fill the gaps of quality in clinical laboratory services – for better diagnosis. Prodia serves more than ten thousand physicians in the country, millions of patients nationwide and supports more than 200 academic researchers, through its 111 branches spread over the archipelago

Now approaching its 40th year of service, Prodia will start to serve the clinical trial community with a fully operating Central Laboratory in collaboration with Quintiles Central Laboratory. Download Press Release for this Collaboration.

Involvement of Prodia in clinical trials was started in 1997 – at that time still part of Prodia's routine laboratory – which later became Prodia the CRO. Prodia the CRO was established due to the growing needs of clinical trials and is currently the only national full service CRO in the country.

The need for a real central laboratory for clinical trials has brought Prodia to the establishment of its central laboratory in collaboration with Quintiles Central Laboratories which was launched at November 30, 2012 – only to serve the best quality in clinical trials. This Lab is harmonized with other Quintiles Labs.

Through the entire process of analysis – from  pre-analytical – proceeding to the analytical phase – up to the post analytical stage – quality of  process is monitored in several ways: in-process control – calibration of techniques and instruments – preventive maintenance – external quality assessments – proficiency testing – internal and external audits – all are parts of daily control of quality to obtain only the best results for patients and their caretakers – Prodia never takes quality for granted.

Prodia was the first laboratory in Indonesia to obtain accreditation for ISO 9001 and ISO 15189, NGSP Level 1 certification and is now on its way to obtain CAP accreditation.

The rapid growing of Indonesian GDP (6.4% at 2011), the large population (240 M), the ethno diversity and variety of disease, the awareness of investigators/physician on the need of GCP, and the newly establishes standardized Central Laboratory will facilitate the growing of clinical trial in Indonesia.

Rianto Setiabudy, Prodia Expert Team, Prodia the CRO, Indonesia will be presenting at Pharma Trials World Asia 2012 this March on "Measuring sustainability of clinical trial studies in Indonesia – Overlooked or overhyped?"

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