The perfect fit for your process. CaptureSelect® – custom designed affinity ligands for any purification challenge

CaptureSelect® technology enables new opportunities in the biotherapeutic purification field. BAC has developed a unique affinity ligand discovery program, which has proven itself for a wide variety of target biotherapeutic compounds, ranging from antibodies and antibody fragments, recombinant and plasma proteins to viral particles. CaptureSelect ligands (single domain [VHH] antibody fragments) can be developed for almost any purification challenge, and offer numerous advantages, some of which are listed below.

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About BAC:
BAC BV provides affinity purification products and services for the biopharmaceutical market. Our CaptureSelect products are used for drug discovery upto manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and are based on a proprietary platform technology, integrating affinity ligand discovery, manufacturing and immobilization of single domain antibodies derived from Camelids. Visit to find out more.

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