How can #pharma use You Tube to help build trust in patient safety?

pharmacovigilance, patient safety, pharma you tube

How is pharma communicating their pharmacovigilance and safety strategies out to the patient using online video?

I spent some time browsing You Tube this morning to see how pharma is using this tool to communicate the extensive and important work in pharmacovigilance and patient safety. This seems to me to be a great opportunity to build trust with the patient and communicate the extensive work done in the area of safety.

The outcome of this search? Well, to me there seems to be a serious lack of engaging content. There is plenty of negative videos from various sources but I found it hard to identify many examples of simple and engaging content for the patient that could demonstrate how drug safety is monitored and improved. Across the board, most of what I found was a bit stuffy… I have included some mixed examples of what I found.





Do you know any good examples of a strong safety communication strategy that is working to help build trust and engage with the patient?