Drift noticed in Pharma Trials market back to the Old World

Traditional clinical trial (#Clinical)(#Trial) markets are gaining popularity in strategic Client, which in turn is costing Asia (#Pharma) its share of business. Demands of Asia-based countries still stay strong, yet a drift towards the old world market has been noticed.

Compared to past few year, major role playing clients which drive a lot of business in Asia, are placing more work in the U.S.A and Europe. This trend is totally opposite to the trend in past few years and is expected to increase growth rate in the U.S.A. and Europe to increase.

Due to amendments in regulatory procedures in India increased the clinical trial approval time, but recently it has been noticed that all the situation is settling down, approving what Quintiles told Outsourcing Pharma December 2011.

To support the increasing inflow of work load, local pharmaceutical contractors are increasing the headcount and hiring more employees. Paraxel alone has hired more than 1000 to work on late phase of clinical trials.

Salomon Azoulay, SVP, Medical & Development, Emerging Markets / Established products business units, Pfizer, will be presenting at Pharma Trials World Asia 2012 this March about "Pfizer's global clinical development strategy with collaborations in Asian powerhouses India & China". Dr. Sam will share his views about leveraging on clinical innovation in planning your emerging market strategy for effective clinical trials in Asia and also share his case study; "Implementing global trials in Asia – R&D strategies in India and China".

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