Pär Nordlund on Structural biology and protein sciences to drive drug design

Pär Nordlund is structural biologist at School of Biological Sciences (SBS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. He would be presenting at NTU’s SBS Symposium at BioPharma Asia Convention on 20 March 2012 at 4.30pm.

His research is focused on providing mechanistic insights into disease related proteins as well as the development of technologies to drive the generation of therapeutics. He was the funder of the Swedish node of the Structural Genomics Consortia, operative 2005-2010 (sgc.ki.se) and is the co-funder of Evitra, a protein science company (Evitra.se), and Sprint Biosciences, a drug development CRO (Sprintbioscience.com). He is member of the Nobel assembly at Karolinska institute and the Chemistry class of the Swedish Academy of Science.

The following is a summary of his presentation:

Structural biology provides a fundament for understanding protein function and mechanism. Structural biology and associated protein sciences also play key roles in modern drug development.

At the SBS NTU Biopolis site we have established a Centre for Biomedical Structural Biology. State of the art platforms for high-through-put protein production, structural biology, biophysics and biochemistry has been established to allow parallel studies of entire disease pathways using structural and biochemical/ biophysical means. For example, structural and mechanistic studies are been pursued for proteins in cancer related pathways such as cell division, receptor signalling, autophagy, lipid signalling, nucleotide metabolism, as well as processes in tumorigenic beta-herpes viruses.

To allow rapid generation of high-quality ligands to serve as chemical tools and lead drugs, a fragment based drug design platform has been established which allows for efficient pre-screening of many targets, and subsequent low cost generation of chemical ligands for selected targets. Directed evolution type protein engineering techniques have been developed for production and stabilization of therapeutic proteins, including antibodies and recombinant vaccines. The background and potentials of the strategies and techniques developed at the SBS Biomedical Structural Biology centre will be discussed.

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