Peter Droge on Genome surgery for biotechnological and medical application

Prof. Dröge was trained in the fields of molecular and biochemical genetics at the University of Konstanz, Germany, and the University of California, Berkeley, USA. His main interest lies in nucleic acids structure/function relationships. In addition, his extensive experience with various recombination systems has led him to develop novel technologies which can find interesting applications in different cell systems, including embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells.

At 1.40pm on 20 March 2012, Prof Droge would be sharing at BioPharma Asia Convention’s NTU-SBS Symposium on Genome surgery for biotechnological and medical application.

The following is a summary of what would be discussed:

Genetic manipulation of genomes is an important component of many applications in biotechnology and molecular medicine. Prominent examples include generation of genetically modified cells for the production of protein therapeutics/diagnostics, drug testing/development and gene therapy. However, existing gene insertion technologies often lack desired target sequence specificity and are mostly irreversible. These features can result in potentially harmful genomic mutations and/or unpredictable complications. We possess a patented, site-specific genome insertion technology. It enables users to express any transgenic DNA construct of interest from a pre-determined, single genomic docking site.  Examples of potential applications of this technology, in particular in conjunction with our novel "in-house" developed embryonic stem cell pluripotency reporter system, will be discussed.

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