Press Release – TNT Express launches PharmaSafe, the all-in-one transport solution for temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals

New service will complement TNT Express’ range of specialised services to the healthcare industry.

PHARMASAFE, a specialised temperature-controlled service for the reliable transport of large quantities of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines and insulin, is designed to tackle the main challenge facing pharmaceutical supply chains: the lack of control and visibility inherent in the involvement of too many parties (typically more than 20 for an air shipment).

The majority of errors occur when shipments change hands. Risks include damages to packaging, customs clearance delays, and most importantly temperature deviations, which can incur major costs for pharma companies and affect product efficacy. According to the World Health Organization, every fourth vaccine reaches its destination in a degraded state because of incorrect shipping.

Offering real time tracking of location and temperature from end to end, Pharmasafe contains sensors that measure the temperature of the shipment not only inside, but also outside the va-Q-tainer, a high performance, cost-efficient and re-usable passive container, throughout the transport. Temperatures are even measured during flights. The information is transmitted in real time to TNT’s 24/7 PharmaSafe Management Centre by a GSM transponder that can be used on TNT's aircraft. TNT Express can thus detect, predict and correct any temperature excursion without customers having to take action themselves. TNT Express sends customers a detailed shipment and temperature report immediately after delivery.

PharmaSafe will simplify and secure the international movements of high-value, often life-saving, pharmaceutical products requiring strict temperature control. With this new service, TNT Express acts as one partner. TNT controls the full supply chain, from packaging procurement to delivery. It uses its own aircraft, handling stations, collection and delivery networks, as well as in-house customs clearance experts.

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About TNT:
TNT Express, one of the world's largest express delivery companies, moves 4.7 million parcels, documents, and pieces of freight every week to more than 200 countries. TNT Express operates air and road transportation networks in Europe, China, South America, the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. The company employs 83,000 people and runs a fleet of about 30,000 road vehicles and 50 aircraft. It has more than 2,600 depots and sorting centres. TNT Express made €7.053 billion in revenue in 2010.

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