The Ayoxxa Platform for Protein Multiplexing: A Novel Approach for Quantifying Multiple Proteins in Very Small Sample Volumes

Presenting on the above topic is Andreas Schmidt, CEO, Ayoxxa, Singapore. He will be speaking at 5th Annual BioPharma Asia Convention 2012, held on 19th to 22nd March 2012 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. He will be conducting an on-floor seminar at Theatre 3 at 13:00 on the 20th of March.

AyoxxA is a spin-off biotechnology company from the National University of Singapore (NUS). It focuses on the commercialization of a patented technology platform in the field of protein identification and quantification.

Unlike DNA assays, microarrays for protein analysis are not powerful yet. AyoxxA addresses this need of “multiplex” protein analysis with its platform technology of bead-based protein microarrays on a substrate biochip. This platform enables the simultaneous measurement of multiple proteins as well as other biomolecular analytes from a single minute volume sample of blood serum or cell culture medium – so called “multiplexing”.

These biochips are convenient to use, rapid and reliable. They will be a boom to biological research, pharmacological screening and medical diagnostics.

AyoxxA was supported by a Proof-of-Concept grant from the National Research Foundation of Singapore, a SMART Innovation grant from the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Innovation Centre and also by SPRING Singapore’s Commercialization Grant TECS (Technology Enterprise Commercialization Scheme). It is now a venture capital backed company with facilities in Europe and Asia.

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