Faubel at BioPharma Asia Convention 2012

Faublel, exhibitor at BioPharma Asia Convention 2012 is one of the leading system suppliers of booklet labels, custom labels, mini-brochures and package inserts, they have specialized in meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They focus on supplying multi-purpose labels for clinical trials.

Exhibiting at booth D11, Faubel will be showcasing their latest labels for pharmas.

Booklet Label
  • To ensure clear product identification in an adequate and legible font size – even for lager texts -, we are now able to offer a Faubel-Compact® Label containing up to 113 pages.
  • When labeling products, it is becoming increasingly important to pay attention to – and overcome – linguistic barriers.
Booklet Label with index
  • To allow quicker access to information, we have now added an index system to our Faubel-Compact® Label.
  • This is a way of ensuring higher patient safety and compliance, which comes particularly handy for our customers from the pharmaceutical industry.
CRSF Label Today's most prominent example of our pioneering work is the Faubel-CRSF Label (child-resistant and senior-friendly).
  • These patented blister packages are easy to open for senior citizens and still extremely safe: they contain mechanical and logical barriers making it almost impossible for children to access the product.
  • The Faubel-CRSF Label is an intelligent labeling solution for blister packs. Senior-friendly and child-proof.

Visit Faubel at D11 to check out their latest innovations in labels! Pre-register to attend the exhibition

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