What have Advanced Cell Technology done to succeed and progress through clinical development #stemcells #regenerativemedicine

Gary Rabin, Advanced Cell Tech, Stargardt's disease, SMD, cell therapy, regenerative medicineGary Rabin, CEO, Advanced Cell Technology explains the progress being made and the lessons learned as they commenced 2 human clinical trials using hESC-derived RPE cells for the treatment of Stargardt's Macular Dystrophy and dry AMD in this presentation delivered at the World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress.

It is often said that the best way to succeed is to learn from your mistakes. Unfortunately, there isn't much room for trial and error when undergoing clinical development for a cell therapy. Therefore it makes sense to harness the clinical lessons learned from pioneering organisations and see where their successful experiences can be applied to your own development challenges.

Click here for the full presentation from last years congress.

Gary Rabin will be returning to the World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress in 2012 to exclusively present to the industry of the successes and on-going advancements of human clinical trial for the treatment of SMD and Stargardt's disease.

Want to know more from Advanced Cell Tech? Why not download the brochure for the full agenda and register your attendance here.

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