Comparibility in Biologic Manufacturing

At the Biologic Manufacturing World Asia, Wassim Nashabeh from Genentech Inc was telling the room about how comparibility was revolutionising the world of bilogics manufacturing. So much so that it is now an integral feature to the life cycle of any product that a pharmaceutical company was producing. With proper adherence to the principles of comparability, there can be no change to the quality of the product being manufactured. This is definitely a positive development for the biopharma industry moving forward.

Accoding to Wassin, because of comparibility, they were able to puch the manufacturing cycle of their products to under a year. Furthermore, they were able to easily transfer the manufacturing process from one site to another and without compromise in the quality and perhaps most importantly make it more efficient by chainging to more efficient processes. With regulations in place since July 2009, they were able to leverage on these processes to manufacture drugs whose safety and quality were of no doubt.

Thank you Wassim for taking the time to come down to BioPharma Asia Covention 2012.

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