Eisai: Innovative facility Design and Expansion

Vikas Namjoshi from Eisai gave a talked to an enthralled room about how Eisai had a well define plan when it came to designing their manufacturing facility.  Vikas was representing the Japanese multinational firm and admitted that pharmaceutical manufacturing was at an important juncture. This is as many companies still operate with practices that are very wasteful and use very little automation.

Therefore, he was there sharing on how Eisai was able to move forward and built facilities that are safe and be able to carry our cost effective operations. First of all, one the key knowledge areas that any designer should know of the requirements by the various regulatory agencies. This would make the designing process and the subsequent building far smoother and faster. They should also identify and quantify all the potential risk involve in designing their facility. This is perhaps the key aspect of any design phase. Using a suitable risk matrix to conduct the risk assessment, the design team should, ideally , take all probable risk into account in the design of their facility.

Another aspect which is crucial but apparently almost always overlooked is the creation of a facility which is modular and thus easily expandable should the company decide to ramp up its production. Thus the design team should leave ample room for possible expansion plans which can use should the need come up. Therefore a fair deal of forward planning has to be take place when designing any facility.