Top 10 people to follow on Twitter in #Biomarkers

biomarker leaders on twitter Here's a look at the top 10 people to follow on Twitter if you are interested in biomarkers…

1. @Pacbiomarkers

PBI is a premier biomarker laboratory services provider in the Drug Development Industry supporting preclinical and Phase I-IV studies

2. @BiomarkerCmns

News and research on biomarkers. Curated by @wjjessen #biomarkers #personalizedmedicine

3. @BiomarkerProf

Biomarker Profiles provides tools and services for mass spectrometry-based biomarker discovery.

4. @bmijournal

Biomarker Insights: an open access journal by Libertas Academica

5. @BioMarks

Biomarks is a website designed to give the scientific community a portal to all the useful and popular scientific websites

6. @BiomarkerBob

Scientist working on diagnostics and therapeutics for ALS

7. @Stemina_Bio

Stemina Biomarker Discovery is a metabolomics company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of molecular biomarkers to improve drug safety

8. @sminc08

Realist,thats the only way to make it through ths grind. Officially the president BIOMARK GROUP

9. @biomarkersh

See all open access articles published in biomarkers by Libertas Academica

10. @AlmacBiomarkers

A personalised medicine company focused on the discovery, development and delivery of biomarkers.

Any more suggestions?

If you are interested in biomarkers have a look at our Biomarkers World Europe 2012 conference.

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