Oxford Pharmascience launches successful Brazilian product with help of Ache

Oxford Pharmascience (formally Oxford Nutrascience) has launched their first Brazilian product in a partnership with Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos, one of Brazil's biggest pharmaceutical companies. 

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Ache Brazil Oxfo

The product, a calcium and Vitamin D product suspended in a soft, chewable tab, makes it easier to ingest and digest the supplement than traditional pills. The company is also working on products that masks the bitter taste of some medications and controlled release technology, which allows drugs to last in the body for longer periods of time. These platform technologies have applications in many different types of medications, but are first being tested for popular painkillers like naproxen and ibuprofen.

Ache, which manufactures their own novel pharmaceutical and consumer health products, is a likely candidate for a Brazilian pharma partner. As one of the largest national pharmas in Brazil, Ache has the contacts, expertise, and infrastructure in place to launch a product like Oxford's. Because calcium and Vitamin D are not regulated with the same stringency of pharmaceutical products, it takes relatively little time to get approval in Brazil. For future pharmaceutical products, however, they will have to cope with ANVISA, The National Health Surveillance Agency, or Brazil's equivalent to the FDA. for these drugs, working with a local company also brings the benefit of Brazil's regulatory intricacies.

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    That’s the very good business policy. Through this sorts of contact manufacturing, pharma business will explore more. Ultimately drug prices will come down.

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