The Australian #biotech boss who may just cure cancer

159247_green_vials_3If you have been following news on biotech or trials for cancer treatments lately, it is pretty hard to miss CEO Deborah Rathjen and Bionomics. Ms Rathjen has been taken from the lab to the boardroom and is turning this South Australian company into one of Australia's most noteworthy biotechs. They have clinical trials underway for an anti tumor drug and are commencing trials soon to develop a memory and anti-brain inflammation drug for Alzhemier’s sufferers. The next clinical trial they plan to work on is for anti-cancer compound BNC105. BNC105 has undergone a large phase II renal cancer trial in the US and Bionomics is awaiting approval for a first trial of the drug with ovarian cancer sufferers. They hope to eventually team up with large commercial partner so they can conduct further trials and market such a cancer drug.

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