How to categorise #Antibodies

Antibodies, Alain Beck, biosimilar, biobetter, Pierre Fabre, mAbsAntibodies: Do you know the difference between a biosimilar, a biobetter and a next generation antibody?

There is much confusion through the antibody industry about the exact definition of these molecules, leading to inaccurate application and more confusion!

Dr Alain Beck, Head of Physico-Chemistry Department at the Centre d'Immunologie Pierre Fabre and Associate Editor of the journal, mAbs, opened the 7th annual European Antibody Congress 2011 by clearly defining each antibody classification, before moving onto highlighting through case studies, the impact structure-function relationship understanding can have on antibody development.

To find out these definitions and also gain an overview of the most recent advances in antibody molecular design, watch Dr Alain Beck's full presentation below:




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