How Novartis are predicting #Antibody stability

Antibody, Bernhard Helk, Novartis, protein aggregationAntibody stability: Do you wish you could predict the likelihood of your protein aggregating?

Novartis have developed a rapid, in silico technology which predicts the aggregation propensity of proteins – The Developability Index.

Dr Bernhard Helk, the Global Executive Director of Technology Development at Novartis, presented this work at the 7th annual European antibody congress 2011, where he explained how hot-spots for aggregation can be identified based on the dynamic exposure of spatially-adjacent hydrophobic amino acids with SAP technology (Spatial Aggregation Propensity). He also went on to show how SAP technology can be used in protein engineering, and also in the design of antibody drug conjugates.


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  1. Gustav Stober

    all that began in 2001 and ended in 2002 – thanks Bernhard for this chance to conclude my professional life with a thus nice success!

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