What role is #drugrepositioning to take in future drug development?

Biovista, drug repositioning, Aris Persidis, systematic drug repurposingDrug repositioning/repurposing, drug re-profiling, indication expansion. Whatever the description, maximising the potential of your discoveries is set to assume a more central role in drug development and there is a need to dig deeper into the possibilities of the knowledge already at our fingertips. Repurposing provides the industry with a unique chance to take a more holistic approach to drug development and facilitate a more openly collaborative ecosystem that harnesses human ingenuity alongside technological advancements. In line with this the World Drug Repositioning Congress 2012 is Europe's only commercially orientated conference solely dedicated to providing key technical and strategic solutions to challenges faced when adopting drug repositioning into your R&D efforts.

One of the experts in this field, Aris Persidis, President of Biovista will be speaking at the congress and we a proud to have Biovista supporting this unique and necessary meeting of minds and networking event for the R&D community. Recently I was able to speak with Dr. Persidis about the drug repositioning field and ask him where he sees this type of work being prioritised in future drug development.

1. What role is drug repositioning/repurposing going to take in future drug development across the industry?

"I see a very significant role for drug repositioning in current and also future drug development. Not only is it driven by the patent cliff, which is not a singular event but a continuous challenge, it is also contributing to innovation and novel insights in disease mechanisms. Drug repositioning based around so-called off-target effects can uncover unanticipated mechanisms in a disease, leading to new insights and potentially new classes of drugs in that disease. Given such developments, drug repositioning is on its way to becoming a staple of the drug development arsenal."

2. Why is there a need for developers to discuss repurposing of drugs and why have you chosen to speak at the World Drug Repositioning Congress in London?

"The need for discussion around drug repositioning is driven by science and business reasons that contribute to both medical advances and also to the bottom line. I have chosen to speak at this meeting because it is the only European meeting on the topic with very significant participation by most of the key players."

3. What major benefits do you expect delegates will gain from attending the World Drug Repositioning Congress?

"I expect that the key benefits will include an excellent overview of the field, including unique case studies, and superb networking among the participants. Both of these benefits are hallmarks of a really good meeting and I look forward to it."

Interested in the other perspectives of our confirmed speaker line up as they look forward to the congress?

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The World Drug Repositioning Congress will be taking place in London on the 11th-13th September 2012 and online registration is now open. The full programme and congress brochure will also be made available for download here in the coming weeks.

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