How can you take serendipitous #drugrepositioning and make it more predictable?

David Cavalla, Numedicus, drug repositioning, drug reprofiling"All about drug repositioning and reprofiling" These are the words of David Cavalla, Founder of Numedicus – a company dedicated to collaborating with companies that need advice for identifying novel uses for existing drugs. The impact of this expertise is vast as pharma companies seek indication expansion and life cycle management, drug delivery companies seek innovative new active products and academic discoveries seek strategic assistance when it comes to commercialising their innovation. 

As a confirmed member of the World Drug Repositioning Congress speaking faculty, David Cavalla recently described how new techniques are being innovated rapidly to drive systematic drug repositioning and make it much more accurate to predict new uses of known compounds.

Here is what David had to say:

"Repurposing has always been a means of discovering new medicines, but until recently it was a serendipitous event: now that has all changed, with increasing effort being made either to predict new uses, or to look for them. If we look back at the archives of drug discovery, we can see that a significant proportion of the drugs we use today have had a component from drug repurposing. The translation of academic science into new medicines (and in particular the recent creation of NCATS at the NIH) uses repurposing as a core technology to pursue its goals. As this sector grows in importance for pharmaceutical R&D, repurposing will also grow as a cornerstone strategy."

Why is there a need for developers to discuss repurposing of drugs and why have you chosen to speak at the World Drug Repositioning Congress in London?

“There are lots of new techniques and strategies being deployed to identify new uses for existing drugs.  This conference offers what is probably the most complete view of the area. That is why I am attending and also why I am speaking."

The inaugural World Drug Repositioning Congress is taking place on the 11th-13th September 2012 in London. Online registration is now open and you can also download the comprehensive 3 day brochure here.

Feel free to leave comments and get the discussions going early in the run up to the meeting.

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