“#Pharmaceutical companies realise they need to become more #social

socialPharmaceutical companies have already realised that traditional forms of marketing no longer cut it if they want to be leaders in the industry. Social media has been an aspect of #digital marketing that the pharmas have been nervous in their approach. Many are deterred by guidelines set by government, but as Pat Choumitsky, senior manager of consumer marketing, UCB Pharma, said "You cannot put your head in the ground like an ostrich and pretend dialogue is not happening, because it is."

Probably the most important aspects of #social media for pharmas is the platform it allows their customers. The smartest thing a pharma company can do is to listen to these comments and pay attention to what the consumers are saying about them. #Sanofi's Todd Francis, VP & Head of commercial support and enterprise marketing, says "we’re participating in the dialogue. This isn’t promotion. We do a fair amount of promotion. We don’t want to do this to be the Trojan horse of this space." This strive to provide an honest platform gives pharmas an opportunity to build trust with their customer and break the image of the "big bad drug company".

This year will prove to be a huge year in terms of social media and pharmaceutical companies, trying to navigate the winning combination. Times have changed and pharmaceutical companies have to have their heads up and ears open.

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