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The clinical trials cycle as we all know it, is a long and tedious process with plenty of regulatory and compliance obstacles. Starting from its infancy stages of preclinical testing, it is reported by Contract Pharma that an average of only five of 5,000 compounds tested move on to the clinical trials (human) testing phases, of which only one drug may meet FDA’s standards and ultimately be put to the market. The clinical trials cycle is expensive, in both time and costs and it is no longer surprising that global pharmas including the likes of Merck and GlaxoSmithKline seek the expertise and efficient services of contract research organizations (CROs) to navigate across these barriers in quality, time and cost effective fashion. Pfizer’s decision to cut down its list of 17 vendors to just two CROs – ICON and Parexel in June 2011 is an example of a sponsor’s efforts to reach the goal “to increase R&D productivity."

Developing and producing drugs requires a vast amount of resources and the costs of clinical trials can add up quickly. Patient recruitment (finding volunteers without a monetary incentive) is difficult and collection of data in a reliable, quick and cost-effective manner can also be a gargantuan task, though not necessarily always the case if you invest in strategic partnerships with vendors like ERT.

It is suggested that the rate of increased development effectiveness through a proper and mature R&D outsourcing strategy is approximately 15-20% in reference to improved time to market, and 10-40% in relation to efficient cost improvements. In this era where pharmaceutical companies face the mountainous pressure to drive down nearly $1.3 billion in costs and reduce a 15-year timeframe for bringing a drug to market, mature sponsors have begun to strategically look for high quality partnerships that will deliver the greatest results and the most satisfactory vendor relationships.

Achieving great results and “getting it done right” is a forte of eResearch Technology Inc, (ERT), a global industry leader in cardiac safety drug research, respiratory research and multi-mode outcomes assessments/ePRO solutions. ERT possess world-class expertise to ensure high quality output in your clinical trial results. Having run more than 6,000 studies and routinely delivering greater than 99% customer satisfaction levels, ERT’s flexible platform provides you with project management continuity across clinical disciplines under the governance of a single contract, increasing the efficiency of reporting by integrating results, and lowering trial costs. Expect nothing less than the most accurate, cost-effective and convenient support system from ERT to collect timely, regulatory-compliant data.

Working hand in hand with its partners, ERT has provided unparalleled scientific and regulatory leadership to biopharmaceutical, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and medical device companies — around the globe. ERT is the one experienced partner to turn to for best-in-class solutions and best-in-class advisement, whenever you need to collect and manage clinical data to deliver quality results that support getting your new drugs to market.

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ERT is a proud Exhibitor of the 6th annual BioPharma Asia Convention2013, 18-21 March, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Contact Robert Brown, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at ERT (rbrown@ert.com) to find out how you can leverage on ERT’s solutions to improve your clinical trials performance today!

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