Get ready to roll your sleeves up this flu season, the #NPS are recommending influenza #vaccines once again

1238929_untitledThe NPS following The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners lead, are encouraging GPs to offer influenza vaccinations to patients this winter. They are encouraging people get informed about the which vaccine is appropriate for them and realise that while so far there hasn't been any new strains of influenza identified as yet in 2012, those who were vaccinated last year should still be vaccinated again to continue protection. The NPS emphasis that there are about 85 deaths every year related to influenza illness and the vaccine still is the best way to protect yourself against it. While some people are still wary of the vaccines side effects, NPS Head of Programs Ms Karen Kaye says "Previous concerns about influenza vaccination side effects have been fully investigated and the recommendations for the 2012 influenza season have taken these into account. Selecting the appropriate vaccine will ensure patient confidence." People at risk such as those with pre-existing medical conditions, such as chronic lung and heart disease, the elderly and pregnant women, are strongly advise to consult their doctors regarding getting protected.

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