Iris pharma & RxGen announce strategic alliance

Iris Pharma & RxGen announce alliance French company Iris Pharma has announced a strategic alliance with US based RXGen and now offer fully integrated ‘bench to bedside' ophthalmology research services to the global pharma & biotech industries. This partnership will allow customers to benefit from their combined preclinical & clinical knowledge resources. Pierre-Paul Elenam CEO of Iris Pharma, Said this development will allow them to add to their existing portfolios completing the value chain required to bring a drug from bench to market.

Strategic alliances can be powerful things. But, like everything in life, it has its downsides. Here's a look at the advantages and disadvantages of such alliances.


  • Get instant/quicker market access into a new market.
  • Increase sales.
  • Widen your distribution channels.
  • Strengthen your position in a market where you have minimal traction.
  • Gain new skills and technology. 
  • Share fixed costs and resources.
  • Broaden your business contacts.
  • Gain greater knowledge of international customs and culture.
  • Strengthen your brand awareness in the world marketplace.


  • Weaker management involvement
  • Less equity stake.
  • Loss of control on important issues.
  • Fear of market insulation due to local partner’s presence.
  • Less efficient communication.
  • Poor resource allocation.
  • Difficult to keep objectives on target.

All these things are worth considering before you decide to go down this route.

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