#Digital Marketing agencies need to step things up if they want to keep the #Pharmaceuticals happy

1269437_laptop_and_cellphoneAccording to a study by Cutting Edge #pharmaceutical companies are not too impressed with their outsourced #digital marketing agencies. Digital Marketing has increasingly become important for pharma companies to have in their marketing strategy. Pharma executives admit it is a difficult area for agencies to navigate due to all the regulations the industry faces when it comes to marketing. This is probably why there is a rise in digital agencies who specifically focus on pharmaceutical campaigns. Casey Ferrell, senior research analyst at Cutting Edge Information says “These agencies only work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. They understand how to make digital media effective within the industry’s confines.” This does seem like the best way to go, niche companies that can understand and focus on this particular industry, as a digital campaign can only be as successful as the relationship between the digital agency and the pharma company. 

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To hear more about digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industries to go BioPharma Australasia which will be held at the Swissotel in Sydney, 23-24 August 2012.

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