Strategic patenting, market exclusivity and lifecycle management through #drugrepositioning.

Hermann Mucke, drug repositioning, patent, H.M Pharma ConsultancyDrug repurposing can be a beneficial strategy, however there are challenges of both a scientific and legal nature. Hermann Mucke, Founder of H.M Pharma Consultancy heads a specialised effort to provide a data-driven knowledge foundry in the service of pharmaceutical and medical business development. Strategic patenting is a key strength of his and pivotal in the world of drug repositioning where added commercial value is being extracted from existing compounds.

Dr. Mucke will be presenting on how organisations can re-fill their pipeline gaps with out of house repositioned candidates. specifically looking at how to extract value from unexploited IP through a third party. Dr. Mucke will also be chairing day 3 of the World Drug Repositioning Congress, taking place in London on the 11th-13th September 2012.

Having delved deeper into world of drug re-profiling, Dr. Mucke was keen to share some of his thoughts on this blog:

"Drug repurposing has to assume a much more central role. It is not a matter of “idea recycling” but of properly exploiting knowledge of which we have only scratched the surface. Discovery of new drug-able targets is falling far short of the hopes that were raised when the Human Genome Project was new, and in many large fields with a high degree of unmet need truly new drugs are nowhere to be seen — for example, in neuropsychiatry: we haven’t had any innovation in depression, psychosis, epilepsy, dementia or stroke for at least a decade. In such a situation we must take a hard look at what we already have in our files elsewhere, and see how we can redevelop it.
At present, drug repurposing is much too focused on molecular modelling and on neglected (tropical) diseases. Taking a more holistic approach that includes digital availability of written information from peer review and patent documents on the full-text level could change that, but there seems to be limited interest in taking a hard backward look at what has already been done — playing with supercomputers and producing nice visual simulations is much more likely to attract grant money. My hope is that I can kindle some alternative thinking at the conference: lots of advanced computing here as well, but text-based data and linked to crowdsourcing so that human ingenuity can be fully brought to bear."

Dr. Mucke contributes to a useful blog focusing on the drug repositioning patent landscape.

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If you would like to learn more about how you can adopt and integrate drug repositioning strategies to identify new commercial opportunities for your candidate, register here to attend the World Drug Repositioning Congress 2012.

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