Will there be a vaccine for Salmonella soon? #pharma

blog image 28 March Last month an international research team led by University of California Davis made a vital step in an effective vaccine against Salmonella by identifying a set of antigens common to both mice and humans. In order to detect those antigens the team collected an array of 2700 proteins, representing about 60% of all the proteins produced by the bacteria, and found of the 117 proteins which behaved as antigens, 14 of those were common to all 4 strains of mice in the study. The researchers also identified 14 proteins which served as antigens in the blood serum of Malawian children infected with Salmonella, with 8 matching those found in mice.

The discovery of the 8 common antigens will allow the development of a vaccine in the lab which can be applied to clinical trials at a later stage. This comes at a vital time. Salmonella bacteria is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotic treatments and with no new, effective antibiotics coming, the 1.4million cases that occur annually in the US alone could get alot more sever. Already 580 lives are lost to this bacteria.

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