Support for #Biotech in Africa comes in the form of Bill Gates

1363593_amazing_planet_3The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is well known for their generous support in many development programs and today they gave a US$3 million grant  to the Open Forum for Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB). The grant will help the biotech industry in Africa to expand and help support the growth of agricultural biotechnology so farmers can have better food security. Ms Sherry Ayittey, Minister of Environment, Science and Technology at the forum's 5th Anniversary commemoration workshop in Accra, called on the government and stakeholders to create an environment where information is shared, "At the country level, there is the need for national scientists and experts to provide policy makers and the general public with evidence-base information needed to harness such technologies." Professor Walter Sandow Alhassan, Coordinator for Africa Biosafety and Biotechnology Policy Platform, pointed out that Africa has been slow in adapting the new agricultural biotechnology and blamed this in part to this lack of information sharing environment. He called on for African governments to develop new legislation and fast track a review board for biosafety applications.

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